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Inside this month:

Paul Arrowsmith talks to David Bintley about his career as a choreographer and director

Jonathan Gray discusses new choreography for classical ballet with Michael Corder

Zoë Anderson meets contemporary choreographer Robert Cohan on the eve of his 90th birthday celebrations

Dominic Antonucci on “ballet dads”

And much more


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Welcome to Dancing Times - Britain's leading monthly dance magazine

In conjuction with our very special issue of Dancing Times, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the publication of our first issue, we have taken the opportunity to re-launch our website, as well as the layout of the magazine. We hope you enjoy the final results!

Dancing Times can state with some pride that throughout the often turbulent century of its existence – two World Wars, the Wall Street Crash and Great Depression, and the current financial crisis – we never missed the publication of a single issue and have remained true to our aims of recording with honesty the events and developments in all aspects of dance. Dancing Times played an instrumental role in the formation of such important teaching bodies as the Royal Academy of Dance and the British Dance Council, and it has witnessed the UK dance scene change beyond all recognition. Just some measure of the love and respect the magazine has garnered can be read in the wonderful tributes published on page 25 of our latest issue. Kathrine Sorley Walker salutes our first editor, Philip Richardson, on page 12 and our beloved editor emeritus, Mary Clarke, is interviewed by Gerald Dowler on page 53. Also in this issue, we interview The Royal Ballet’s Lauren Cuthbertson, look at how dance floors have changed over the years, and preview the 2010 season from Dance Umbrella.

We feature no fewer than four British-based choreographers in this month's issue of Dancing Times, three of whom are celebrating significant anniversaries. David Bintley has been leading Birmingham Royal Ballet for 20 years, and he talks openly about his work as a choreographer and director to Paul Arrowsmith. Robert Cohan, who was instrumental in establishing contemporary dance in the UK, will be 90 this month and he discusses his career and current projects with Zoë Anderson. Also celebrating a significant birthday this month is Michael Corder, who expresses his concerns at the way choreography for classical ballet is heading with admirable frankness. Last but not least, Kenneth Tindall, a young dance maker based with Northern Ballet, writes about combining his career as a dancer and choreographer in Talking Point. We also highlight Dance UK's forthcoming conference on the future of dance, and announce the winners of the 2014 Critics' Circle National Dance Awards. Lastly, I would like to extend congratulations to our production editor, Simon Oliver, who married his fiancée, Rachael, on St Valentine's Day. All at Dancing Times hope they have many happy years ahead of them.




Win! Tickets to Birmingham Royal Ballet!

carmina-burana-compAs David Bintley celebrates his 20th year as director of Birmingham Royal Ballet (BRB), a new programme will present Serenade by George Balanchine, one of Bintley’s heroes, along with Carmina burana, the first ballet he created for BRB as director. In Carmina burana, three seminarians are compelled by the goddess Fortuna to abandon their sacred studies to pursue a more sensual approach to life. Soon the young celebrants are soaring with passion, love and alcohol. This is a large-scale production, danced to Carl Orff’s dramatic choral music. Bintley’s choreography has been delighting and astonishing audiences for nearly 20 years.

Birmingham Royal Ballet will dance Serenade and Carmina burana at the London Coliseum from March 19 to 21. For a chance to win one of three pairs of tickets to see the programme, email us or send the answer to the following question, with your name and contact details: What was David Bintley’s first piece as director for Birmingham Royal Ballet?

The closing date is March 1, 2015.

Pictured: Artists of Birmingham Royal Ballet in David Bintley’s Carmina burana. Photograph by Bill Cooper.


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